Parallel Importation

What is parallel importation?

Parallel goods can be defined as the act of importing and resale of genuine merchandise from another country that has been obtained from non-authorised distributors without the licenced distributors consent.

Is it legal?

Parallel/grey goods are sold legitimately in South Africa and are suitable for use in this country. It should not be confused with counterfeit goods. Parallel or grey goods are sold legitimately both locally and worldwide. They may, however, be distinguished by lack of an agreement between the seller and manufacturer/trade mark holder to sell the goods.  If the seller sells the goods despite not having such an agreement, the goods are known as parallel or grey goods.

Why Do We Cut The Labels?

It is a legal requirement for the sale of the imported parallel goods that we are to specifically remove the labels displaying the manufacturer’s Trademark from these goods.  Cut labels do not mean factory overruns or rejects, it simply means we went through the effort of sourcing these goods from around the world to bring you the best price possible.

How Do I Know Online?

Every image that we have on our online store will have a clearly marked “parallel product” so you as the consumer will be aware that you are a purchasing parallel merchandise. You find this icon to the bottom right on all of these images.

Warranty/Returns and Exchanges

Parallel goods will not be covered by the warranty of the manufacturer or its licensed distributor however the Fashion Fusion Group’s Return/Exchange Policy will apply to all such goods to ensure you have peace of mind on any goods purchased from us.