COVID-19 update


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a significant impact on the world and now on South Africa. President Ramaphosa declared a national state of disaster, “a measure proportionate to the severity of the threat to our people, to our society and to our economy.”

As a business that connects with millions of South Africans, we feel the responsibility to respond in a manner that meets the level of urgency that the President has requested. We are committed to rallying together with all citizens to protect the wellbeing of our nation. This is aligned with our value of partnership, which is the only way that we can collectively overcome this challenge to our country.

We have already put into action a number of key plans to minimise the threat of this virus and to ensure the safety of our people and our customers. We have implemented the following in our stores:

  • hand sanitisers to be made available to all stores for both our people and customers to utilise

  • increased the frequency and intensity of cleaning practices in high density and common use areas

  • ensured that all equipment is wiped down and cleaned frequently within the store

  • encouraged regular hand cleaning when handling cash and facilitating other transaction methods

  • informed our staff of effective social distancing methods to be used within the store

It is important that our people are equipped with all the necessary information relating to the virus and what precautionary measures to take. Information and awareness material are shared with our stores regularly to ensure both their safety and yours. This information is guided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the National Institute for Communicable Disease (NICD).

We have implemented similar sanitisation measures at our Head Office facility in Durban.

Additionally, we have:

  • banned all international travel.

  • implemented self-isolation periods for returning travellers.

  • limited the amount of people attending social gatherings and meetings.

  • encouraged working from home where possible.

  • enforced strict access control to all external partners visiting our buildings.

We are doing all we can to ensure that your store experience leaves you feeling comfortable and confident. All our stores and operations are continuing as usual. For your convenience, don’t forget that you can also shop online. Should you have any questions you can contact Customer Care at customercare@fashionfusion.co.za

Our business is centred around you and we are deeply grateful for your loyalty and passion for our brand. In the words of our President, “This too shall pass. We shall overcome. We are South Africans.”

Kind regards,

Fashion Fusion